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1. Contact Matt Sarver and The Sarver Group – Real Estate Broker

A successful purchase starts with the right representative. Purchasing a home can be an emotional process so it is important to locate a home that is in an appreciating area, for a fair price, that will meet your needs. We are experienced, knowledgeable Real Estate brokers who know the area and will listen to your needs to not only make sure you select the right home and negotiate the best price but will also guide and help you select the best professionals to ensure a smooth transaction. Plus, our fee comes from the seller at closing, so even if you never find and buy a home you will never owe us anything.  We appreciate the opportunity to find your next home!

Call 704-626-7007 or e-mail

2. Contact a Lender

Getting pre-qualified for a loan is the next step in helping you narrow your home search criteria. Viewing homes that are out of your price range can sometimes be depressing as most people want the best but are unable to afford it.  There are many types of loan programs to fit your financial and living situation.  A 15 year loan term will get you the best interest rate and will cost you less in the long run but most go with a 30 year loan and are required to put at least 3.5% down, though there are 100% financing deals available for those who qualify.

Contact The Sarver Group for local preferred lenders. 

3. Find your Dream Home!

Most homes are listed on the MLS, but as your agent along with our network of over 2000 Realtors, we come across homes that are not on the market yet or know people who are willing to sell.  We will create a website based on your search criteria that will automatically update you of homes that meet your search criteria, so you will be one of the first to know of a new or changed listing.  We will also coach you on the areas, market, future projects that will affect home prices in a positive or negative way, time on market, and negotiate the best price and terms to ensure you make the best decision.

Contact The Sarver Group to begin you home search.


4. Select a Lawyer

Your home purchase is far too important a transaction to skimp on legal representation at the risk of leaving yourself open to costly future issues. We can recommend lawyers who are willing to take the time to answer your questions and who specialize in real estate law.

Contact The Sarver Group for a local preferred real estate attorney.

5. Select a Home Inspector

No home inspection is 100% guaranteed, but a few hundred dollars to catch a major problem now is certainly better than many thousands to correct that ‘surprise’ down the road. We also provide a list of Home Inspectors, Termite inspectors, mold inspectors, surveyors, and radon inspectors to ensure peace of mind of knowing your home is safe and not going to cause a future problem to arise.

Contact The Sarver Group for local preferred home inspectors.

6. Contractor

Planning some renovations? You’re not the only one! The home renovation industry is booming, and in some markets, booking a contractor must be done months in advance (that’s a long time to go without a kitchen). Don’t let finding the right contractor slip through the cracks – planning ahead will almost certainly make your renovation smoother, and you contractor will appreciate the advance notice.

Contact The Sarver Group for local preferred contractors.

7. Home Insurance Providers

Home insurance is required before closing and it is highly recommended to find a local Charlotte area home insurance agent that can represent you in case of need. Be sure to take advantage of the multiple covered items discount with auto and home insurance.

Contact The Sarver Group for local preferred home insurance agents.

8. Moving

Congratulations! Once you have signed all the paperwork and received the keys it is now time to move!  We want to help you through the entire process and can recommend moving companies and give helpful tips to help make the move as smooth as possible.  And remember, our job doesn’t stop at closing. We are your Realtors for life and will provide a current comparative market analysis at your request or answer any questions you may have.

Contact The Sarver Group for local preferred moving companies. 

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